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One State One Score


During the pandemic, the North Carolina Symphony invited citizens across North Carolina to contribute to a special performance of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” A remarkable 1,415 people shared their creativity—playing instruments, singing, dancing, and responding to the music with art. More than 30 types of instruments were performed, ranging from the traditional, to hammered dulcimers, to cowbells, to nose-whistle! Submissions came from counties from the mountains to the coast, from North Carolinians of all ages, from school classrooms, and from Symphony musicians and staff.

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About the Series

Through our Meet the Instruments series, sponsored by MetLife Foundation and Puffin Foundation West, Ltd., students will get to know the many instruments that make up a symphony orchestra—as well as the North Carolina Symphony musicians who play them!

Meet the Instruments is created especially for elementary school students, but audiences of all ages are likely to discover new things about the instruments of the orchestra!

North Carolina Symphony Principal Trombone John Ilika shows off his favorite instrument—how to play it, why he loves it, and why a “buzz” is essential to the sound!

North Carolina Symphony violinist So Yun Kim shows off her favorite instrument—how to play it, why she loves it, and why each violin is as unique as the person who plays it!

North Carolina Symphony Principal Timpani Colin Hartnett shows off his instrument—how to play it, why he loves it, and even… how much it weighs!

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