Ensembles in the Schools

The North Carolina Symphony Ensembles in the Schools is an in-school program that sends small ensembles into classrooms for intimate learning experiences. A wind quintet and string quartet are currently available for booking throughout the state.

Comprised of North Carolina Symphony musicians, these ensembles perform and reinforce the fundamentals of music. North Carolina Symphony education staff and musicians work collaboratively with classroom teachers to create a program that is entertaining and supports North Carolina curriculum guidelines.

Curriculum guides, which can be used to prepare students for their in-classroom performance, are supplied to teachers at no additional cost. The Ensembles in the Schools program can be adapted for any grade level K-6.

Learn more. New Bern’s “Around Town” recently profiled the Wind Quintet in action, including North Carolina Symphony musicians Mary E. Boone, Sandra Posch, Victor Benedict, Michael E. Cyzewski and Rachel Niketopoulos.