FRIENDS OF NOTE 2023 gallery

Thank you to title sponsor MetLife, to event underwriters GFL Environmental, Vaco, and Mr. & Mrs. Henry L. Smith, to our many generous specialty and table sponsors, and to everyone who attended our Friends of Note 2023 luncheon dedicated to celebrating the North Carolina Symphony’s music education program!

What a wonderful event at the Angus Barn Pavilion in Raleigh, N.C., on May 9, 2023, with so many music education supporters. Many thanks!

Alex Semilof, Jeff Marshall, Gary Kolbeck
Angela Summers, Tara Hackler, James Mitchener, Lisa Inman
Dr. Anthony Kelley, Carlos Miguel Prieto
Ashley Perkinson, Carlos Miguel Prieto
Ashley Perkinson, Carlos Miguel Prieto, Josie Walker, Mark Pfeffer
Bob Eby, Matt Segal, Meg Segal, Connie Eby, Lisa Ransom, Charlotte Martin, Louise Miller
Brandon Roeder, Rebecca Gunn, Nancy Vanhoenacker, Erin Zehngut, Susan Carson, Fran Hoch, Paul Hoch, Gordon Carson
Carlos Miguel Prieto recognized
Carlos Miguel Prieto, CeCe Kennedy, John Kennedy, Sharat Nagaraj
Carlos Miguel Prieto, CeCe Kennedy, John Kennedy
Carlos Miguel Prieto, Chris Bell
Carlos Miguel Prieto, Chris Woody
Carlos Miguel Prieto, Frances Rollins, George Paddison
Carlos Miguel Prieto, Lisa Inman
Carlos Miguel Prieto
CeCe Kennedy, John Kennedy, Mark Pfeffer, Josie Walker, Ashley Perkinson, Ralph Roberson, Francine Roberson, Matthew Holt
CeCe Kennedy, Peggy Wilks, Sandy Sully with Joe and Diane Bastian
Chris Bell, Clark Radford
Christiaan Heijmen, Gabor Szentivanyi
Christina Noel, Emma Browning, Erika Corey
Connie Eby, Bob Eby, Carlos Miguel Prieto
Connor Regan, Kelsey Yoquelet, Stephen Marley, Brian Shaunessy, Henry Yeung Kai Chan
Copperline Plants
David Sontag, Johnathan Hamiel
David Sontag, Sandy Sully, Stan Williams
Dawn MacLaren table
Dawn MacLaren, Sandi Macdonald, Tracey Mason, Peggy Robbins
Debranetta Howard, Brian Shaunessy, Wendy Kaszak
Deepthi Kamma
Deji Aina
Diane Bastian and Joe Bastian
Drucker + Falk
Erin Gill, Maria Ewing
First Citizens Bank
Fox Rothschild LLP
Frances P. Rollins table
Francine Roberson, Ralph Roberson, Ashley Perkinson
Gene Tomczak, Geoff Lang, J.R. Shearin
Geoff Lang, Gene Tomczak, Robert WIlliams, Dave Welsh, Paula Carrier, J.R. Shearin
GFL Environmental
Hidetaka Fukuyama, Keith Donahue, Henry Grzes
Hopper Piano and Organ Co.
Isabel Mariscal, Carlos Miguel Prieto, Ralph Roberson, Francine Roberson
Jeremy Tucker
Jim Clement, Rand WIlliams, Suzanne O'Keefe, James Morgan, Zan Gormley
Joe Bastian
John Kennedy, Linda Charlton, CeCe Kennedy
John Ward
Joy Bond, Barry Bond
Kristen Hess
Keith Donahue, Meredith Nelson, Alex Semilof, Isabel Mariscal, Sam Craig
Li Sun, Reena Bhatia
Linda DeGrand, Jean Spooner, Kim Fisher, David Sontag, Emily Glover, Johnathan Hamiel, Sandy Sully, Jason Spencer
Maria Ewing, Carmen Lucas, Andrea Jones-Saidykhan, Suzie Koonce
Mary Stein, Lynne Goodman, Ed Williams, Ashley Lucisano, Denise Foreman
Matt Smith
Melanie Doerner
MetLife with Tim Yull
Michelle Di Russo
NACEO National Association of Chief Executive Officers
Nancy Vanhoenacker, Susan Carson
Otto Mucklo, Jennifer Champion, Michael Shaw, Justin Byars
Paradox Consulting Partners
Peter Wallace, Cameron Taylor, Maria Ewing
Reena Bhatia, Deepthi Kamma, Dawn MacLaren
RGA Investments
Rob Schiller, Ero Johnson, Matt Segal, Meg Segal
Rob Schiller, Sharat Nagaraj
Rosemary Kenyon
Sam Craig, Kim Craig, Meredith Nelson
Sam Craig
Sandi Macdonald, Carlos Miguel Prieto, Isabel Mariscal, Meredith Nelson, Keith Donahue
Sandi Macdonald and Henry Grzes table
Sandi Macdonald, Geoff Lang
Sandi Macdonald
Sandra Carter
Selfies with Carlos
Smith Anderson
Stan Williams, Carlos Miguel Prieto, Sandy Sully, Francine Roberson, Ralph Roberson, Sandi Macdonald
Steve Mullen, Deji Aina
Steve Mullen
Tara Hackler
TCHROA Triangle Chief Human Resources Officers Association
The Sorin Group
Tim Wilson, Michelle Vanstory
Tim Yull recognition
Tim Yull remarks
Tim Yull speaking
Towne Insurance
Tracey Mason, Peggy Robbins
Truist specialty sponsor
UNC Health
Wells Fargo
Wendy Kaszak, Henry Yeung Kai Chan
Wendy Kaszak

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Photography by John Hansen and Kevin Seifert for NCS