This is a spot for general information describing what’s on the page.  Each tab has its own URL, so with a bit of finagling we can arrange to run analytics on them individually. Of course there could be double-counting of visitors who go to more than one tab if we’re trying to get a cumulative total–so we should all agree on what specific behavior we’d like to track.

The design elements of the tabs can be adjusted in some ways (for example, we could have the frame in teal instead of gray), so please make a note of anything you especially love, hate, or find confusing!

Above are a pair of embedded videos; two to a row is probably our maximum.  Video rows can be stacked in the tab with a single description above or below, or they can be stacked one to a row with descriptions/sponsor credits beside each… other options are certainly possible!

By default, this first tab will be visible on the page until the user selects a different one.

Formatting can be the more or less the same for each program; customizing for the specific materials we’re featuring is not a problem.

We probably don’t need to reproduce the full spectrum of Ed stuff here, but this tab is formatted for blocks of text as another sample of how information could be organized.

Please view this page on your phone if you can, so you can see how the elements scale for different displays.