During the pandemic, the North Carolina Symphony invited citizens across North Carolina to join in a performance of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” melody from his Symphony No. 9—and the response exceeded our expectations!

Through the One State One Score project, sponsored by UNC Health, more than 1,400 people shared their creativity—playing instruments, singing, dancing, and responding to the music with art. We received submissions from North Carolinians from the mountains to the coast (and one submission from Germany!).

More than 30 types of instruments were performed, ranging from the traditional, to hammered dulcimers, to cowbells, to nose-whistle! Submissions came from counties from the mountains to the coast, from North Carolinians of all ages, from 400+ school classrooms, and from Symphony musicians and staff.

We are so proud to share the work of art that our great state of North Carolina made together, even at a time when we were separate. This video represents just a fraction of the talent—and joy!—that we witnessed through this project. To all those who contributed, thank you! Your talent and creativity are inspiring.