Anonymously Endowed

How did you choose your instrument?
My piano teacher suggested the cello because I was always interested in the harmonies and the left hand.

What’s your favorite spot for a post-concert drink or bite to eat?
Poole’s, Zely and Ritz.

What do you think is the greatest misconception about classical music?
That you have to know what the composer meant.

What is in your mp3 player right now?
Don’t have one, don’t know what it is. Was slow to buy a cd player too. Don’t have Bluetooth or Blue Ray or iPhone, iPad, DVE, email, voice mail on cell phone or computer. I go to the library. Only stopped using two tin cans and a string last year.

What is your fantasy career?
Are you kidding? I know many cellists would love to have my job. The only thing better would be to have less arthritis and tendinitis so I could still play chamber music on the side.

What is your favorite stress reliever?
I recently discovered regular exercise relieves stress—just like all those know-it-alls promised.

What is always in your kitchen?
Me. That’s the problem.

Do you have a recurring nightmare?
Yes, many. I dream the stage floor is curved and I am fighting not to fall backwards. Or I’m playing a recital featuring the 7th Bach Suite (he wrote only six). Or I mistakenly left my cello at the kiddie show earlier that day. Or I missed the bus or was left behind by the bus. For years I would awake with a jolt about 1am, lurch upright on the edge of the bed, looking frantically for my concert clothes, convinced I was late.

What work have you always wanted the opportunity to perform?
The Ruckert songs for baritone and orchestra by Mahler with Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau singing.