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January 2017
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Star Trek & Sci-Fi Spectacular

2016/17 POPS Series
Meymandi Concert Hall, Raleigh
Friday, January 20, 2017, 8:00pm

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Note: Tickets may also be purchased at the door one hour prior to concert start time.
Explore the Star Wars universe, the continuing mission of Star Trek, and more—with music from more than 50 years of sci-fi and an out of this world laser light show!  Jack Everly conducts a full orchestra and guest singers in a tribute to B-movies and blockbusters, with classic TV themes including the Star Trek journey across the decades...and a few surprises!

Here are some of the astounding worlds we'll visit:

John Williams: Main Title from Star Wars
Arranged by Jack Everly: Lost in Syndication
John Williams: Adventures on Earth: E.T.
John Barry: Somewhere in Time
John Williams: Princess Leia's Theme
John Williams:
Superman March
Arranged by Calvin Custer: Star Trek Through the Years
Richard Strauss: Fanfare from Also Sprach Zarathustra as featured in 2001: A Space Odyssey
John Williams: Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Michael Giacchino: Star Trek Suite
Bernard Herrmann: The Day the Earth Stood Still
John Williams: Duel of the Fates from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace                           
John Williams: Throne Room and End Title from Star Wars

Weekend Sponsor:
Celito Communications, Inc.

Special activities in the lobby beginning one hour before each performance:

Meet costumed Star Wars characters from the 501st Legion: Carolina Garrison, and costumed Star Trek characters from Starfleet International and the Klingon Assault Group.

Rare and authentic Star Trek and Star Wars memorabilia will be on display in the lobby.

Learn more about the creation of strange new worlds with a talk by professional costumer and author Cheralyn Lambeth:

STAR TREK:  A 5 Year Mission Turns 50

50 years ago, the science fiction series Star Trek first premiered on television, and in the years since has become a world-wide cult phenomenon. In addition to the numerous films, television spin-offs, books, toys, and other properties based on the franchise, it has been noted for its influence on the world outside of science fiction. Join former Star Trek costume/prop builder Cheralyn Lambeth as she discusses the far-reaching appeal and lasting impact the franchise has had on our world, not just in the arts, but in technology and other "real-life" applications as well.

Cheralyn Lambeth is a professional costume, prop, and puppet builder whose work includes feature films (The Muppet Christmas Carol, The Patriot, Leatherheads, The Hunger Games), television shows (Dinosaurs!, Homeland, Outcast), and books (Haunted Theaters of the Carolinas, The Well Dressed Puppet, Creating the Character Costume: Tools, Tips and Talks with Top Costumers and Cosplayers). In addition, she worked for several years with Paramount Production Services, creating Star Trek costumes and props for Paramount properties such as the Star Trek Earth Tour and Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. To learn more about her work, visit her website at, or follow her on Facebook (Cheralyn Lambeth), Twitter, and Instagram (cherlambeth).

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