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Wilson County Students "All About that Bass" Before N.C. Symphony Visit

Fifth-grade music students from Rock Ridge Elementary, and band students from Hunt High School in Wilson, N.C., sang and choreographed an "All About That Bass" video to celebrate the upcoming North Carolina Symphony Education Concert that Wilson County fifth-grade students will attend on Tuesday, April 14 at 10:30 a.m.

The Rock Ridge students, directed by Corri Skinner, and Hunt High School Band students, directed by Keith Dublin, joined forces with Tech Team members from both schools to create the iMovie.

The lyrics, which are based on the original song by Meghan Trainor, were written by Ms. Skinner to highlight the the different symphonic instruments that students will experience when the North Carolina Symphony performs in the Vick Elementary Auditorium on April 14.  Students sang and choreographed the video, which also prominently features the curriculum-based guide that teachers use to prepare students for Symphony education concerts, titled “What Makes Music MUSIC?”

Ms. Skinner started writing the new lyrics to the song at the beginning of the school year while the original was atop the charts.  “I emailed Cindy Berry, our Instructional Technology Facilitator here at Rock Ridge Elementary and sent her my new lyrics and she thought it would be a great idea to involve Hunt High School Band to use their instruments for our video,” she said.  “Nora, one of my 5th graders, recorded all the audio for the video, and she sounded wonderful!  From there, we got together with some Hunt students and Mrs. Berry and Hunt Instructional Technology Facilitator Matthew Mayo, and it was smooth sailing!”

The North Carolina Symphony has one of the most extensive music education programs of any U.S. orchestra, annually performing approximately 50 concerts given free of admission to over 50,000 school children throughout the state.

In its education concerts, the Symphony pulls out the building blocks of music-making to illustrate five key characteristics of symphonic music, including Melody, Rhythm, Dynamics, Tempo, and Texture.  Students are also introduced to each section of the orchestra, and learn how the musicians work together. The repertoire for each Education Concert consists of important composers and their most exciting works to introduce and demonstrate those fundamentals of classical music.

The program was created to introduce young people to repertoire they will certainly hear again in the orchestral world.  Teachers prepare their students for the concert through comprehensive supporting materials, with suggested lesson plans, and important connections to the school curriculum.  By concert time, students have learned all about the musical compositions and the composers featured in the North Carolina Symphony's performance.  For more about education programs from the North Carolina Symphony, visit

On its Facebook page, Wilson County Schools gave a shout out to all of the teachers and students who integrated technology with the arts, and another shout out to the Wilson Educational Partnership for bringing the North Carolina Symphony to fifth-graders in Wilson County.

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