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Sibelius Symphony No. 2??? Yes, please!

I almost overlooked the email the first time around – “You’re Invited to a Party” – that didn’t sound like something I would normally get.  (Okay, so my social life has been a little dull since I started grad school). 

But then, I saw that it was from the North Carolina Symphony, so I thought I should check it out. As soon as I opened it, I realized that it was an invitation for a FREE North Carolina Symphony Concert and pre-party (with free food even!). Cool! Then I kept reading and saw that the concert was featuring Sibelius’ Second Symphony. My favorite piece!!! I couldn’t have been more thrilled – I first fell in love with the Sibelius when I played it in a community orchestra group in my hometown. It has been my “go-to” for when I get in the classical music-listening mode. The wonderful melody in the last movement always gets me, and I find myself humming it long after the piece has ended.

Anyways, I was totally psyched about this concert, so I made sure to call right away to reserve spots for me and my boyfriend. Then when the concert date rolled around, we showed up at the pre-party at Bolt Bistro and Bar (fancy!), where we were served shrimp and grits and lobster mac and cheese while we chatted with some of the symphony staff and other Campus Club guests. It was great! Somehow we missed the door prize entry when we walked in, but both of us managed to sneak in our names at the last minute. And it turned out that my boyfriend won the first prize     drawn – a $50 restaurant gift certificate and free tickets to ANOTHER North Carolina Symphony concert!

Our evening was topped off by listening to the wonderful musicians of the North Carolina Symphony. The Sibelius was beautiful, as always, with the added excitement of a live concert. I couldn’t have planned a better (FREE!) night!

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