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New Music Raleigh: A Personal Perspective

It's really hard for me to believe, but it was five years ago this month that I won my position with the NC Symphony. I was reminded of that this past weekend as I listened to young violinists compete for an open position with the orchestra. The memories of my audition came flooding back to me. Of course, I remembered clearly the nervousness during the audition and the elation when I was named the winner, but I found myself thinking mostly of our curiosity of what it would be like to live in North Carolina.

My husband Shawn and I drove away from Raleigh that day wondering what our new life would be like. Would we like North Carolina? Would there be as many exciting arts offerings and opportunities as we had in Washington D.C.? Were we making the right decision?

The answer is yes, we love it here. We found in the Triangle an arts community that is so vibrant that we were inspired to begin our own project. New Music Raleigh had its first concert in September 2009, and from its inception, the goal has been to perform music that is hard to classify into genres, featuring composers that are living. We've partnered with organizations like Burning Coal Theatre Company, holding most of our concerts in their beautiful theatre; we performed a show at King's, a rock club on Martin Street; our next concert is a collaboration with the new Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh and the Mallarme Chamber Players of Durham; this summer, we'll work with the Cross Currents Festival in Cary; and, of course, many of my colleagues from the NC Symphony are kind enough to spend their free time playing more music with New Music Raleigh.

The Triangle has a rich arts scene because its arts organizations are willing to collaborate and support each other. There is no sense of competition - we are all united by the desire to bring beauty and culture to as many North Carolinians as we can.

I am proud to call Raleigh my home. I'm proud of the vastly talented artists of all mediums that are my friends and neighbors. And I'm extremely grateful to live in a state that values and supports the arts.

I'm so glad I won my job with the NC Symphony! I hope our new violinist finds as much artistic fulfillment here as I have.

 New Music Raleigh will perform at CAM Raleigh on April 30, at 7:30 pm. Tickets are available at the door or from CAM Raleigh's website. The program will be repeated on May 6, at 7 pm, at Motorco Music Hall in Durham.

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