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About Us: Meet the Musicians

The North Carolina Symphony is not just music; it's people. From composers to musicians, from conductors to staff, the Symphony is made up of a talented group of dedicated individuals who take immense pleasure and pride in bringing you the finest programs of show-stopping music season after season.

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Richard Motylinski  |  Percussion  |  Principal
The Margery and Earl Johnson, Jr. Chair

Richard Motylinski
Richard Motylinski received his musical training at Oberlin Conservatory, where he studied with Richard Weiner, Principal Percussionist with the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra. He also studied privately with Peter Kogan, Jack Moore, and Charles Owen.

A native of Cleveland, Mr. Motylinski began his musical studies at age ten and joined the North Carolina Symphony in 1974 after playing in the percussion sections of the Zagreb Philharmonic and the Cleveland Symphony. He founded the Raleigh Consort, a group which has performed Renaissance music since 1979.

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