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About Us: Meet the Musicians

The North Carolina Symphony is not just music; it's people. From composers to musicians, from conductors to staff, the Symphony is made up of a talented group of dedicated individuals who take immense pleasure and pride in bringing you the finest programs of show-stopping music season after season.

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John Pederson  |  Bassoon  |  Principal
The Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald S. Hudson Chair

John Pederson
Serving as principal bassoonist since 1971, John Pederson is a native of Milwaukee and a graduate of Northwestern University where he studied with Wilbur Simpson and Willard Elliot of the Chicago Symphony. He also attended State University of New York at Binghamton where he studied with Arthur Weisberg.

Mr. Pederson has previously performed with the Chicago Civic Orchestra and the Eastern Music Festival Orchestra. He has appeared as a soloist numerous times with the North Carolina Symphony. He is currently a faculty member in the Music Department at UNC-Chapel Hill and has previously taught at North Carolina State University, Shaw University, Duke University, and the Governor's School of North Carolina.

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