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About Us: Meet the Staff

The North Carolina Symphony is not just music; it's people. From composers to musicians, from conductors to staff, the Symphony is made up of a talented group of dedicated individuals who take immense pleasure and pride in bringing you the finest programs of show-stopping music season after season.

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Sandi M.A. Macdonald - President & CEO
Sue Guenther - Executive Assistant to the President & CEO
Stan Williams - Senior Director for Public Affairs


Martin Sher - Vice President & General Manager
John Clapp - Orchestra Personnel Manager
Joshua Fisher - Assistant Stage Manager
Sarah Gilpin - Director of Education
Janice McLaughlin - Senior Assistant Librarian
Amanda Meliosky - Orchestra Personnel & Operations Assistant
Deborah Nelson - Principal Orchestra Librarian (The Mary Colvert and Banks C. Talley Chair)
Bo Osborne - Stage Manager
Patrick Parker - Stage Crew
Donald Tippett - Director of Operations
Megan Whitaker - Artistic Operations & Education Manager


Robert Schiller - Senior Vice President for Finance, Administration & CFO
Tiffany Debnam - Information Processing & Fulfillment Manager
Marsha Holt - Accounting Manager
Brenda Knight - Financial Manager
Lanita Mattison - Payroll & Computer Systems Manager
Andrea Newby - Information Systems Manager


Linda Charlton - Vice President for Marketing & Audience Development
Jennifer Blackman - Graphic Designer
Gavin Brown - Box Office Manager
Maria H. Ewing - Director of Advertising & Promotions
Richard Hess - Box Office Associate
Kari Martin Hollinger - Communications Project Manager
Standish Lietz - Box Office Associate
Kimberly Little - Group Sales & Promotions Coordinator
Susan Lynch - Box Office Associate
Jonathan Naylor - Box Office Associate
Joe Newberry - Director of Communications
Mary Russell - Box Office Associate
Emma Wall - Assistant Vice President of Marketing


Chelsea Eversmann - Coordinator, Principal Gifts
Rebecca Gunn - Annual Fund Manager
Rob Maddrey - Assistant Vice President of Philanthropy, Annual Fund & Operations
Lisa Ransom - Assistant Vice President of Philanthropy, Principal Gifts
Anne Wolverton - Research & Events Manager

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