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About Us: Meet the Musicians

The North Carolina Symphony is not just music; it's people. From composers to musicians, from conductors to staff, the Symphony is made up of a talented group of dedicated individuals who take immense pleasure and pride in bringing you the finest programs of show-stopping music season after season.

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* Leave of absence

Violin 1

Brian Reagin
The Annabelle Lundy Fetterman Chair

Dovid Friedlander
Associate Concertmaster
The Assad Meymandi and Family Chair

Rebekah Binford
Assistant Concertmaster
The Anne Heartt Gregory Chair

Karen Strittmatter Galvin
Assistant Concertmaster

Paul Goldsberry
The Richard and Joy Cook Chair

So Yun Kim
The Governor James B. Hunt, Jr. Chair

Marilyn Kouba
The Phyllis ("Pat") Conrad Wells Chair

To Be Filled
The Jessie Wyatt Ethridge Chair

Eric McCracken
The James C. Byrd and Family Chair

Maria Meyer
The Tom and Mary Mac Bradshaw Chair

Eileen Wynne
The Harvey At-Large Chair

Erin Zehngut
The J. Felix Arnold Chair

Violin 2

Elizabeth Phelps*
The Nancy Finch Wallace Chair

Jacqueline Saed Wolborsky
Acting Principal
The Blanche Martin Shaw Chair

David Kilbride
Acting Associate Principal

Oskar Ozolinch
Acting Assistant Principal


Samuel Gold
The Florence and Charles Jacob Cate and Alma Yondorf and Sylvan Hirschberg Chair

David Marschall
Associate Principal
The Betty Ellen Madry Chair

Christopher Fischer
Assistant Principal

Amy Mason
The J. Sidney Kirk Chair

Sandra Schwarcz
The Samuel H. and Anne Latham Johnson Viola Chair


Bonnie Thron
The Herman and Marga Roberg Chair

Elizabeth Beilman
Associate Principal
The Sarah Carlyle Herbert Dorroh Chair

Peng Li
Assistant Principal,
Anonymously Endowed

Susan Gardner
Anonymously Endowed

John McClellan
The William Charles Rankin Chair

David Meyer
The Nell Hirschberg Chair

Lisa Howard Shaughnessy
The Sara Wilson Hodgkins Chair

Nathaniel Yaffe
The Secretary of Cultural Resources Betty Ray McCain Chair

Double Bass

Leonid Finkelshteyn
The Martha and Peyton Woodson Chair

Robert K. Anderson
Associate Principal
The Dr. and Mrs. Preston H. Gada Chair

Craig Brown
The Mark W. McClure Foundation Chair

Erik Dyke
The Harllee H. and Pauline G. Jobe Chair

Bruce Ridge
The John C. and Margaret P. Parker Chair


Anne Whaley Laney
The Mr. and Mrs. George M. Stephens Chair

Mary E. Boone
Assistant Principal
The Dr. and Mrs. Shaler Stidham, Jr. Chair

Elizabeth Anderton Lunsford
The Jack and Sing Boddie Chair


Elizabeth Anderton Lunsford
The Jean Dunn Williams Chair


Melanie Wilsden
The Hardison and Stoltze Chair

Alex Liedtke
Acting Associate Principal,
The Lizette T. Dunham Chair

Sandra Posch
The Clarence and Alice Aycock Poe Chair

English Horn

Alex Liedtke
Acting English Horn,
The Bruce and Margaret King Chair


To Be Filled
The Mr. and Mrs. J. Christopher Walker, II Chair

Samuel Almaguer
Acting Principal

Michael E. Cyzewski
Assistant Principal
The Kathryn Powell and Green Flavie Cooper Chair


John Pederson
The Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald S. Hudson Chair

Wenmin Zhang
Assistant Principal,
The Beethoven Chair

French Horn

Rebekah Daley
The Mary T. McCurdy Chair

Kimberly van Pelt
Associate Principal
The James Marion Poyner Chair

Christopher Caudill
The Roger Colson and Bobbi Lyon Hackett Chair

Rachel Niketopoulos
The Paul R. Villard and Gabriel Wolf Chair

To Be Filled
The Mary Susan Kirk Fulghum Chair


Paul Randall
The George Smedes Poyner Chair

Timothy Stewart
Associate Principal
The Henry and Martha Zaytoun and Family Chair

Don Eagle
Anonymously Endowed


John Ilika
The Thomas Warwick Steed, Jr. Family Chair

Jonathan Randazzo
Assistant Principal
The Frances Armour Bryant Chair

Bass Trombone

Terry Mizesko
Anonymously Endowed


To Be Filled
The Governor and Mrs. James G. Martin, Jr. Chair


Anita Burroughs-Price
The Ron and Janie Kupferman Chair


Colin Hartnett
The Patricia R., Steven T. and George F. Hackney III Chair


Richard Motylinski
The Margery and Earl Johnson, Jr. Chair

Matthew Decker*
Assistant Principal
The Abram and Frances Pascher Kanof Chair

Rajesh Prasad
Acting Assistant Principal


To Be Filled
The Albert and Susan Jenkins and Family Organ Chair

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